Frequently Asked Questions

SAFER One Transition FAQs

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1. What is SAFER Systems®?

SAFER Systems® is the leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions of safety integrated systems for chemical process facilities. With SAFER’s products organizations can plan, prepare, and protect lives, property and the environment in and around their facilities. From enhanced process hazard analysis, to a mobile app with chemical references, to integrated real-time monitoring of meteorological and gas sensors, and dynamic real-time chemical dispersion modeling, SAFER Systems® provides solutions for the entire spectrum of environmental and occupational health, safety and security industries.

2. What does SAFER Systems’® software do?

SAFER Systems provides an Emergency Response and Preparedness software that integrates with gas detection and
monitoring hardware for the purposes producing a visual model of a chemical release over time. SAFER’s software
displays the chemical release model over satellite imagery so emergency responders have a visual depiction of:

  • How the released chemical will disperse over time and what critical areas, resources, and personnel will be
  • Where the chemical has likely been released from and what the release rate is. This is also used to identify
    the source of odor complaints.
  • How any products of chemical combustion such as soot clouds will be deposited in surrounding areas.

The models are based on pre-constructed site-specific scenarios or live streaming data inputs from onsite weather
stations and gas detection sensors. During an emergency the models update in real-time as the weather and gas
sensor data changes.

All of the sensor data is archived for future use in event analysis and release rate estimation. Archived release data
and pre-defined scenarios are also used for response planning and training exercises.

3. What sets SAFER Systems’® products apart from other modeling software?

While there are numerous points of differentiation between SAFER’s and competitors’ software solutions, the main differences that set SAFER Systems® from the competition are: custom support services, a single integrated solution, real-time monitoring an modeling capabilities and historical sensor data retention.

  • Unlike most SaaS providers, SAFER Systems® offers custom engineering services to conduct an initial facility survey, augment current meteorological and gas sensors setup to optimize coverage, deploy and maintain new and current equipment, conduct scheduled audits, and provide continuous training to site and corporate staff. This is in addition to our U.S. based customer support available 24/7/365.
  • Most facilities use sensors that use varying technologies, provide unique output formats, have custom connection types, vary with chemical species sensitivity and are from multiple vendors. Traditional safety integrated systems, are bulky and expensive to maintain, require multiple displays to monitor different sensors and are rarely compatible with other sensor software. SAFER Systems® has over 35 years of experience of integrating multiple meteorological and gas sensors, into a single real-time monitoring solution. The sensors are superimposed on top of Google Maps® and integrate live traffic and internet weather to further improve operational awareness of the conditions around the facility. All of these features and capabilities are offered on a single intuitive graphic user interface, simplifying the day to day monitoring of any facility.
  • Because SAFER Systems® integrates its products with the current site sensors and layout, it is able to provide a complete real-time picture of the site. In case of an emergency chemical release, the same data can trigger a dynamic graphic model of the chemical gas dispersion that updates as the conditions on the ground change. Most of our competitors offer monitoring or modeling solutions only, which severely limits their transition from monitoring to emergency response. Additionally most modeling competitors offer solutions that require manual input of changing conditions and a complete restart of the model, whereas SAFER Systems® offers solutions that adapt dynamically with out missing a beat.
  • Historical data can provide the necessary for future process optimization, developing training and assessment scenarios based on previous conditions, compliance reporting and litigation support.

4. Does SAFER offer custom solutions?

Some would say that is all that SAFER Systems® provides, our facility monitoring and emergency modeling solutions come with initial site survey and an initial project scope proposal. Because SAFER Systems® integrates with a variety of sensor technologies and manufacturers we always recommend the best custom monitoring solution for your facility. With government and private clients in over 35 countries SAFER Systems® has unique experiences of deploying in varying conditions, facilities and climates all over the world.

5. Does SAFER Systems® offer educational licenses?

Unfortunately there are not educational solutions available for SAFER Systems’® products at this time. If you would like to purchase a SAFER product and negotiate a custom educational licensing solution, please contact us.

Should you have any more questions about SAFER Systems® products and solutions, please contact us.