Chemical Safety in Extreme Environments

Recently, over 90 percent of oil and 80 percent of natural gas production in the Gulf of Mexico was shutdown due to Hurricane Nate.1 Just two months prior Hurricanes Harvey and Irma disrupted more than a third of the overall chemical production of the United States.2 Each of the hurricanes presented unique risks and challenges to maintaining chemical safety to any facility caught in their midst; some of the recent weatherRead more

30 Years After Bhopal

And How Chemical Process Safety and Chemical Incident Response has evolved… On December 2nd, 1984 a pesticide plant in Bhopal, India leaked a dense cloud of toxic gas that blanketed the region and exposed over a half million men, women, and children to hazardous chemicals. After killing almost 4,000 people in just the first few days, the toxic cloud went on to leave over 40,000 more people partially orRead more

Turnaround Monitoring a Case Study

SAFER Systems®, the recognized global leader in integrated software for chemical emergency response solutions, announced its new SAFER Real-Time® Case Study, “NOVA Chemicals – Early Detection Leads to Prevention.” The case study examines the importance of integrating the latest technologies to provide support for turnaround monitoring or other non-standard facility operations. Turnaround Monitoring This newly completed case study was a joint project with NOVA Chemicals’ Corunna facility in Ontario,Read more