SAFER One HazMat Responder is THE rapid deployment platform for HazMat SMEs responding to toxic chemical incidents – providing them with the broadest common operating picture faster than ever before. Welcome to the future of HazMat Response.

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Incident Response Workflow

First Responders know that time is critical – especially during a toxic release incident, where minutes saved in response time can mean the difference between life and death. SAFER One HR is designed to streamline incident and asset deployments with a few clicks of a button – giving Incident Commanders immediate access to both portable gas detection devices like AreaRAE and portable met station assets – all in a simple to use, browser-based interface.

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Cloud Based Incident Response

Leveraging industry-leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Platform, SAFER One HR enables HazMat teams to respond to chemical incidents, anywhere and anytime. It also includes access to critical information in Incident Reports and Event Histories that are compatible with the ICS (Incident Command System). With SAFER One HR, first responders also have easy access to trackable hardware assets with an intuitive Google Maps interface. Incident management is enhanced with Points-of-Interest, Live Traffic and Internet Weather, providing the most holistic common operating picture possible in real-time.

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Leverage Remote Collaboration

SAFER One HR’s collaboration features allow responders at the incident site to easily share critical data with those providing remote support or en route to the incident. This in turn facilitates the Incident Commander’s ability to leverage resources beyond the incident site and coordinate with those assets that have yet to arrive. The weather and gas sensor data are backed up remotely allowing for historical incident review to improve incident workflows, planning and training initiatives or to support any ongoing incident investigations.

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Establish command over the incident with an accurate common operating picture.



Establish control with real-time gas and met data, leveraging industry-leading plume dispersion modeling.



Collaborate to leverage remote assets as well as coordinate with those en route.

Fast Response

In a HazMat Incident time is everything, so deploy and detect chemicals in minutes not hours! Intuitive wizard allows for faster response and easier asset management.

Common Picture

An accurate operating picture is critical to mounting a coordinated response, leverage physical and digital data sources to protect those in and around the chemical incident.

Incident Command

Quickly establish command over the incident on a single intuitive interface and coordinate with assets present at the incident, en route, or those collaborating remotely.

Remote Access

By embracing the cloud our clients can access SAFER when they need it most and use it to leverage remote assets, if necessary, all from a single intuitive interface.

Seamless Scalability

Our cloud based solutions make adding additional users, scenarios, or running multiple models a breeze. Never be limited by digital infrastructure constraints again!

Data Backups

Protect valuable historical data from weather and gas sensors with secure cloud based storage, and access the data anytime for post-incident analysis and training purposes.