Integrated cloud-based platform that monitors and models in real-time.


Mobile communications allow for real-time collaborations and response.


Made by engineers for engineers, completing PSM/PHA reports has never been simpler.


SAFER Systems®‘ range of products allow you to plan, prepare and protect the lives, property and the environment in and around your sites. The integrated real-time solutions  take the guesswork out of the critical decision making process, relying on real-data in real-time.

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SAFER One™ is the next generation of our patented emergency response software. Enhanced with a faster, more intuitive interface, it’s our most powerful version yet. SAFER One™ is completely browser-based, giving you access to your facilities anywhere and anytime.

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SAFER One HR™ is a unique cloud-based platform for private and public HazMat response teams. The robust capabilities of SAFER One HR include simpler integration with portable gas and weather sensors and an intuitive work flow that enable first responders to deploy and detect in minutes.

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SAFER TRACE™ provides an easy-to-use interface to rapidly visualize potential failures.  The software allows users to easily create, run and share various scenarios as well as to produce reports in multiple formats including graphic, to facilitate collaboration. It’s the comprehensive, yet cost effective solution you’ve been seeking.

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SAFER Solutions help you before, during and after a chemical incident.


Pre-Event Preparedeness

Improve chemical emergency response planning, training and compliance with local, state and federal regulations.


Live Event Modeling

Save lives by responding to chemical emergencies with models that update with live data from gas and weather sensors.


Post Event Analysis

Respond effectively to post-release litigation and inquiries with comprehensive release models and data archives.

Integrated Solutions

SAFER Systems works with a variety of sensors and technologies from different vendors and manufacturers, we provide the best solutions for your needs.

Scalable Solutions

Whether you are a consulting firm, a single facility or a corporation, SAFER Systems delivers custom scalable solutions from site to enterprise implementations.

Historical Data

Historical chemical and meteorological sensor data is retained for post incident review, compliance reporting, and litigation support.

Custom Engineering Services

Our engineers are responsible for the initial site survey and solution proposal, annual audits, maintenance operations, user training and custom consulting.

Community Protection

With dynamic real-time modeling facilities can identify potential threats to the outside community sooner and coordinate with the emergency response efforts.


Develop thorough and detailed chemical release consequence analyses with our integrated models for enhanced compliance reporting.