SAFER Systems® provides integrated solutions for chemical processing facilities to mitigate, monitor, and model chemical incidents. SAFER has moved beyond traditional monitoring and response solutions by embracing the cloud, which allows SAFER to offer remote user access and encrypted offsite backup of facility weather and gas sensor data. SAFER solutions allow users unparalleled levels of communication and collaboration in evaluating, mitigating and responding to chemical incidents, as well as the ability to review historical sensor data for post incident analysis or compliance reports.

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Integrated Solutions

SAFER solutions integrate in real-time with gas and weather sensors of various technologies, chemical species, sensitivies and output formats.

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24/7/365 Support

SAFER Systems's U.S. based technical support provides instant access to our Software Experts for peace of mind during training or incident response.

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Decision Support

SAFER products provide critical decision support tools, which empower EH&S personnel to better plan, prepare and respond to chemical incidents.

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Enhance Compliance

SAFER products allow users to export reports and access historical data to enhance everything from consequence analysis to post incident review.

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SAFER Systems offers comprehensive process hazard analysis and risk assessment solutions designed to meet a broad array of chemical processes and risk analysis needs, including decision-making tools to enhance compliance with environmental and safety regulations. SAFER Systems’ engineering solutions are available as a resource for site sensor optimization and compliance solutions.

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Use SAFER Systems’ next-generation collaboration capabilities for chemical safety professionals to create and share chemical release scenario simulation with variable atmospheric, chemical and surrounding conditions. With SAFER solutions facilities are able to identify areas of risk, optimize gas and meteorological sensor placement, and use various scenarios to drive training and assessment of emergency response.

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SAFER’s patented technology allows users to locate the source of the leak with a click of a button, estimate the rate of the chemical release and model the speed and direction in which the chemicals are headed. Integration of Google Maps, live traffic and internet weather allow sites to coordinate a response with the Hazardous Materials crews and emergency response to protect those in and around the facility.

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SAFER Systems Solutions allow you to:



the source of a chemical release with the patented Source Area Locator module.



the rate of the chemical release with the patented Advanced Back Calculation module.



a dynamic real-time graphical model of the chemical release or combustion event.

Corporate Responsibility

Build trust with the community by demonstrating your understanding of potential hazards and communicating your ability to respond.

Engineering Services

From initial site audits, to implementation and training, our engineers walk you through every step of the way.

Automatic Updates

update your software, chemical profiles database and firmware automatically. *most products

Data Records

Historical sensor data is often integral in helping with compliance, post incident analysis and any litigation.


Perform chemical release consequence analyses with integrated models for dispersion, explosions, fire and particulate release events.

Scalable Solutions

SAFER Systems delivers custom scalable solutions from site to enterprise implementation.