SAFER One is the first real-time cloud based emergency chemical response solution, allowing for collaboration of users across the entire organization, remote response, scenario and user management within a single integrated, real-time platform.

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Integrated Platform

SAFER One® integrates with multiple chemical gas and meteorological sensors as well as other data sources to create single monitoring platform with an intuitive graphic user interface for the facility. The facility layout is superimposed on Google Map® with live-traffic and internet weather integrated to provide a real-time situational snapshot of the facility. In case of a chemical release the patented dispersion model is rendered on the map screen allowing for easier coordination of evacuation or shelter in place tactics for the surrounding community.

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Turnaround Monitoring

Real-Time Data

SAFER One’s integration with site gas and weather sensors allows for the platform to model a chemical release or combustion event in real-time. The dynamic data-driven model updates automatically as new sensor data becomes available removing the need for manual entry of sensor and weather data while modeling an emergency chemical leak. The real-time data from gas and weather sensors is coupled with live traffic and internet weather to provide the most comprehensive facility monitoring and emergency response solution.

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Turnaround Monitoring

Cloud Based Platform

SAFER One™ is a cloud-based emergency response platform, hosted on the best digital infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS). SAFER Systems® embraced the cloud as a way to offer a smarter, scalable and secure solution to chemical processing facilities. SAFER One™ allow users to automate critical software updates, improve the redundancy of their emergency response digital infrastructure, and access the facility remotely. In case of a chemical release or combustion event, SAFER One™ allows users to communicate with site gas and weather sensors even if the site is evacuated for safety reasons. The added layer of reliability and redundancy for emergency chemical response is just another way that SAFER Systems® is solving the problems of tomorrow, today.

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Monitor gas and weather sensors as well as traffic conditions and weather around the facility in real-time.



Model gas dispersion dynamically with real-time adjustments based on sensor data.



Mitigate the effects of a chemical release, with up to moment information and predictive modeling.

Why cloud?

Access SAFER Systems on the go, respond to an incident remotely while reducing the financial burden of maintaining individual digital infrastructure for our clients.

Historical Data

Protect valuable historical data from loss with secure cloud based storage, access the sensor date anytime for post-incident analysis, and compliance review.

Remote Access

In an emergency with remote accessibility you are able to maintain situational awareness of your facility, even if it had to be evacuated, as long as the gas and weather sensors are transmitting data.

Scalable Solutions

With cloud based solutions, the sky is the limit. Additional users, running multiple scenarios simultaneously and multiple sites will not effect the speed and reliability of your SAFER solutions.

Data Security

SAFER Systems' implements industry best practices to ensure technical and physical controls are in place to prevent unauthorized access to customer data.

Reduce Overhead

Leverage the top digital infrastructure solution to reduce implementation and maintenance cost while increasing data availability and security.