SAFER MOBILE RESPONSE™ connects you to critical data about a chemical incident on the go.

Stay Connected. Stay Alert.

Connect, communicate and collaborate with the SAFER Mobile Response™ app. The intuitive interface allow users to easily create, edit and share scenarios as well as access the updated 2016 North American Emergency Response Guide.

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Collaborate Anywhere

SAFER Mobile Response™ (SMR) is a FREE mobile app for Android and iOS that was designed with first responders in mind. Create, save and edit chemical release scenarios all on the app, and collaborate with other users by sharing data in the app. Customize your settings so that you see only that which you need to, to optimize your response.

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Connect Anytime

SAFER Mobile Response™ (SMR) allows emergency response to go mobile, with the SMR app emergency responders get the impact zone, protective action distances, and isolation distances  all visualized on top of Google Maps™. Additional integrations include live weather updates, Custom Points of Interest (POI), and live traffic.

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Constant Guide

The SMR app puts the the new 2016 North America Emergency Response Guide information, safety measures, and hazard distances at the user’s fingertips even in offline conditions. Additional integration of IED threat guide on evacauation distances and threat assessment is available to verified law enforcement and emergency personnel.

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